Authentication (SignIn/SignUp)

SignUp using Email, Google Signup is also available.

SignIn using Email, Google SignIn is also available.

Reset the password if forgot the passward.

Home Screen

Live Rooms are available.

Easy Navigation.

User available in room.


Raising Hand available.

Mute and Unmute for users.

Moderator can add any listeners to moderator or Onstage and also can remove from user.

Live text messaging is available in which all users can participate.

Perfect Distinguish between Moderator, Onstage, Raised Hand and Listener.

Time for how much time the room has created is shown.

Can create private Room.

See who is inside the room without joining.

Perfect Audio channel.

Confirm before joining the room.

Can invite user, Report Room, Leave Room, View Privacy Policy, Help and Rules.


Add title, short Discription and Description.

Club is a collection for user were many user join and it also provides a user base for the room created in it .

Rooms can be created hosted in the club by Owner and Moderator.

Can invite user, Report Club, Leave Club, View Privacy Policy, Help and Rules.